Citrix Application Streaming : Infos et liens


Pour ceux qui souhaitent avoir des astuces, des informations, des guides sur le streaming d’application avec Citrix, voici une petite liste..

CTX118396 Profiling Microsoft Office 2007 for Streaming – Best Practices

CTX118980 When Exporting a Form in InfoPath 2007 for the First Time, the Application Stops Responding

CTX118981 Compatibility Issues on Windows Vista / Server 2008 When Editing Microsoft Office Documents in SharePoint

CTX118983 Event Log Entries for Streamed Microsoft Office 2007 Applications are Created Incorrectly

CTX118994 You are Prompted for an MSI Package while Repairing the Streaming Profiler or XenApp Plugin for Streamed Apps

CTX118995 You Cannot Launch Streamed Applications Using Presentation Server Client 10.200 with the XenApp Plugin for Streamed Apps 1.2

CTX119045 You Cannot Create a Dependent Inter-isolation Communication Profile of Microsoft Office with Office Communicator as a Linked Profile

CTX119046 You Fail to Stream Applications from Associated Inter-isolation Communication Profiles that Aggregate Multiple Linked Profiles

CTX119047 The Virtual Desktop Agent Stops Functioning if You Uninstall the XenApp Plugin for Streamed Apps

CTX119050 The « radecache.exe /flushall » Application Streaming Command Does Not Work with EasyCall

CTX119051 A Streamed Outlook Application Creates Multiple Copies of Offline Folder Files if You Flush the Cache and Reopen Outlook

CTX119053 Streamed Application Errors Occur due to Network Connection Failures

CTX119054 You are Unable to Create a Dependent Inter-isolation Communication Profile for Microsoft Project with Microsoft Office as a Linked Profile

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